Sunday, March 21, 2010

I call it liquid Gold....

After having my son, I soon found out how painful but gratifying breastfeeding can be in those early weeks. I would pump milk into bottles every now and then to let Dad join in the feeding, but one day he did the unthinkable....he clumsily knocked over a bottle with 5 oz of breast milk....which was more precious then gold to me in those days.

Anyway moving on you can imagine how it would annoy me when i removed my breast pads to see they were wet with milk. However I have found this awesome new product called a collects your milk instead of wasting it away while you go about your business. It's great for working mommies! So I just had to pass it along because I will totally buy these when I have my next little one.I know this has nothing to do with design but I have many soon to be mommy readers who I'm sure won't mind. Find them here.


  1. Great blog. I'm here from SITS. Interesting contraption; this could be a big hit with many breastfeeding mammas out there.

  2. Okay, I must know. Does your body heat keep the milk at a safe temperature?

  3. I am unsure of that but the website must give more answers. I just think it's genius, and I sure would have loved it when I had my son!!!